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private pilot


The private pilot certificate is typically the first “pilot’s license” an aspiring pilot will obtain. This certificate enables you to act as Pilot in Command of an aircraft (typically single engine, however it is possible get a multi-engine certificate first).


  • Carrying passengers
  • Can fly day or night
  • Can travel any distance
  • Must maintain certain visual requirements

Requirements (Part 61)


  • Ability to read, write and speak English
  • Ability to pass an FAA medical examination
  • Age 17 or older to obtain certificate (can begin training at any age!)

Flight Experience

  • 40 Hours of flight time
  • 20 Hours of flight training from an authorized instructor
  • 10 Hours of solo flight
    • 5 Hours solo cross-country (at least 50 NM)
    • 150 NM solo cross-country with three full stops (one 50+ NM leg)
    • 3 Takeoffs and 3 landings to a full stop (involving flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport with an operating control tower.
  • 3 Hours of cross-country flight training
  • 3 Hours of night flight training
    • 100 NM total distance cross-country flight
    • 10 Takeoffs and 10 landings to a full stop (each involving flight in the traffic pattern).
  • 3 Hours of instrument training
  • 3 Hours in preparation for the practical test within 60 days prior to the test date.
  • Pass FAA written examination
  • Pass FAA check ride



The overall cost of obtaining a certificate will vary from person to person mainly because a student pilot can only obtain a certificate upon demonstrating his / her complete proficiency in the operation of an aircraft. The following breakdown is based on the average student pilot who flies one to two times per week and acquires his / her certificate in 40 hours. Please note that this breakdown is based on our Piper Warrior or Cessna 172. Additionally, this estimate should provide you with an idea of virtually all of the costs associated with obtaining a certificate. We have established this estimate using a fairly conservative approach to avoid unexpected expenses. If you have questions regarding how our pricing differs from the pricing of our competitors please feel free to contact us!

Private Pilot Cost Breakdown

Dual Flight (20 Hour FAA Requirement)$ 2,980
Dual Flight (10 Additional for Average)$ 1,490
Solo Flight (10 Hour FAA Requirement)$ 990
Books / Supplies (Private Pilot Kit)$ 179
FAA Written Exam$ 150
FAA Medical (Estimate)$ 100
FAA Practical Test (Examiner Fee)$ 600
FAA Practical Test (Aircraft Rental Approx. 1.5 Hours)$ 148

Total (40 Hour Private Pilot)$ 6,637

(*Based on average students and computed using maximum dual flight)